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PAWS Master Plan

In the year 2000, PAWS began development of our vision for the new millennium, a 2,300-acre natural habitat, captive wildlife sanctuary, ARK 2000. Located in California’s Mother Lode Country near the historic Gold Rush town of San Andreas, this unique facility is now home to elephants, tigers, bears and other wild animals rescued or retired from circuses, zoos and the exotic "pet" trade.



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ARK 2000 Project Description
The historic town of San Andreas is located at the gateway to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, approximately 120 miles east of San Francisco and 70 miles southeast of Sacramento. Another 97 miles southeast of San Andreas lies Yosemite National Park. This new sanctuary is 45 miles southeast of our current headquarters in Galt, CA. Despite its name, the town of San Andreas is not located along, or close to the San Andreas earthquake fault.

The ARK 2000 property encompasses 2,300 acres of rolling foothills, an extended mountain peak known as Hogback Mountain, and a small portion of nearby Dear Peak. Elevations run from a low of 720 feet above sea level along the river, to a high of 2,560 feet at the top of the mountain. The Calaveras River runs through the property for about 1.25 miles at the base of Hogback Mountain, and numerous small seasonal creeks and springs are located throughout the property providing ample water for the lakes inside the animal habitats.



Performing Animal Welfare Society
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