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Master Plans Phase One

The mild climate, heavy vegetation and lush rolling hills of ARK 2000 are the perfect setting for an animal sanctuary, and the animals who currently reside in this natural paradise reflect the peace and tranquility of their surroundings.

The majority of the animals at ARK 2000 have been rescued by PAWS and its partners from traveling shows, circuses, zoos, wildlife auctions and the exotic pet industry. Other animals have been voluntarily retired to PAWS from zoos and circuses. For the first time in their lives, all animals have the opportunity to choose for themselves a path to walk and a place to lie down. All habitats have been designed to promote natural behaviors and stimulate social activities.

The length of time for completion of ARK 2000 will depend on funding. Our first goal is to provide all the PAWS’ animals from the old sanctuaries, and any new arrivals, with spacious new homes and on-site care facilities. The completed portion of Phase One includes the existing African and Asian habitats complete with 2 barns and lakes, Bull Mountain's 3 barns, pools and habitats, the 10-acre tiger habitats, as well as the Bob Barker Bear Habitat, the black leopard habitat, lion habitat and hay barn. Animal care facilities including the Pat Derby Animal Wellness Center and a nutrition room are also complete.

Funding is still needed to move the remaining Galt sanctuary animals to ARK 2000.



Approximate Construction Costs

One 10,000 sq. ft. metal barn with concrete floor

$ 750,000

One 5000 sq. ft. metal barn with concrete floor

$ 450,000

One wood frame building 20’ by 30’ with concrete floor

$ 35,000

Cost of construction for bears, tigers, lions, small felines
and primates


Total Cost to Complete Phase One:

$ 2,285,000




Donate funds for this project: $


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