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October 2007 Nicholas and Gypsy Update

In a few weeks, PAWS will break ground for the new barn and habitat for Nicholas and Gypsy at ARK 2000. The site is on a hill that connects to the existing Asian habitat and barn area; hopefully the two will enjoy being close to the other Asian elephants.

Nicholas and Gypsy continue to live together peacefully, each totally dependent on the other. They share food, play in the mud and sleep together, disliking their brief separations for trunk washes and other veterinary procedures. Our present plan is to keep them together, with constant monitoring for behavior changes, until it becomes necessary to separate them.

Through the generosity of Bob Barker, we have half the funds for construction of the barn and habitat, so we are beginning construction, but we will need funds to bring the two elephants to ARK 2000.

So many people have written us asking about this unique pair, and we try to keep everyone updated on their progress. We hope that all of you will take a moment and contribute to the fund for fencing the beautiful trees and hills to create a habitat for these two very deserving elephants. Nicholas at age 14 is already huge and very powerful so the cost of steel and cable fencing is exorbitant.

Total cost of construction for habitat        $1,718,000

Amount donated by Bob Barker                 $500,000

Amount donated by private donors              $22,000


Total construction funds raised                  $522,000

Funds needed to complete habitat for Nicholas and Gypsy: $1,196,000


Donate to the Habitat Construction for Nicholas and Gypsy:


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