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Report on # 71

From the Desk of Dr. Mel Richardson, DVM
Monday, September 22, 2008

Friday evening, September 19, 2008 it became evident #71's condition was deteriorating. 

I gave her a muscle relaxer and a pain medication. After 30 minutes she laid down as expected.  As we prepared to give her intravenous fluids, she quit breathing and quickly died. 

She was under treatment for a protracted colic. It was not uncommon for #71 to get a belly-ache twice yearly; but after 10-14 days she would recover.  Blood work supported an intestinal issue.  Her liver and kidneys were fine.

She was necropsied at the San Bernardino California Animal Health & Food Safety lab.  I spoke to the pathologist Sunday evening.  Chronic Pancreatitis was his diagnosis.  This means inflammation of the pancreas over many years.  Each time this happens the pancreas scars or degenerates.  Her gut was fine — that is, there was no obstruction.  He said her pancreas was completely involved.  Maybe this was related to the University of Florida's diagnosis of malabsorption when she was four?

For the last six weeks whenever she would eat, she would stretch her head and act painful.  I am sure she was.  Eating would cause the pancreas to flare-up! 

The pathologist reassured me there wasn't anything anyone could have done.

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