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Time to Act Now for Queenie!!

Even if you have already called the USDA , please take a moment today to leave a telephone message for the Secretary of Agriculture and email the Administrator of the USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service to urge the agency to return to Leggett immediately for Queenie and send her to a sanctuary where her safety and well-being can be assured.  It's very important to contact both USDA officials.

Tell the USDA:

It is inconceivable that the agency would leave Queenie in the "care" of Davenport, who has racked up countless Animal Welfare Act violations since receiving his USDA exhibitor's license just two years ago.
The many outstanding legal issues regarding Will Davenport's conduct  (including his defiance of a federal order during USDA's first confiscation attempt on August 15) provide a clear avenue for them to help Queenie.
You hold the agency directly responsible for Queenie's welfare.  After all she has been through, Queenie must be retired from public display and sent to  PAWS sanctuary in California.

Note: Do not allow the USDA to tell you that they have no jurisdiction over Queenie's care since Davenport voluntarily surrendered his USDA license - the agency has plenty of legal avenues to pursue to bring Davenport to justice and secure Queenie's rescue.

USDA Contact Information:

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack
Phone: 202 720-3631

Acting APHIS Administrator Kevin Shea
Phone: 202-720-3861 Email: Kevin.A.Shea@usda.gov

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