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August 22, 2008

On Sunday, August 17th, Maggie and her new best friends, 71, Mara, Lulu and Ruby, celebrated her twenty-seventh birthday. Maggie refused to share her specially prepared cake of bran mash and molasses topped with Necco wafers, Jelly Bellies and carrot candles. Her companions enjoyed party bags of treats supplied by Pat, Ed and the ARK elephant keepers who served the goodies from a cart decorated with balloons.

The five elephants spent the day in the smaller habitat which gave Maggie’s many supporters who were watching the web cam an opportunity to see the devotion displayed among the very close knit group. Her doting companions who often treat her like a newborn calf frequently surround Maggie. Her bellows of joy reverberate across the habitat as she basks in the love and attention of 71, Lulu, Mara and Ruby.

Maggie enjoying her Birthday Cake.




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