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April 6, 2009

A Report on Billy at Los Angeles Zoo

On Monday, March 30th, we returned to Los Angeles Zoo to check on Billy and discovered that he was not on exhibit that day. After some careful searching, we found encouraging evidence that our complaints may not have fallen on totally deaf ears.

Billy actually had access to a larger dirt area (surrounded by an electric fence) and he was
moving in search of food or browse which had been scattered about the area. It was
such a relief to see him behaving like an elephant and moving in a normal fashion!

We have often said that it would not take much to change some of Billy’s behavior and to
alleviate the stress that produces it. Scattered forage, the attention of keepers, dirt, baths, mud baths and access to browse would create a noticeable change for the better. What a pleasant surprise to see an effort to make him more comfortable, working!

Hopefully, more changes are planned for Billy’s future. Yes, we can make a difference for Billy!

To see recent video of Billy Click Here.

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