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Open wide. . .

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At 8 a.m. on Saturday, August 28, dental specialists from the Peter Emily International Veterinary Dental Foundation (PEIVDF) arrived in San Andreas, CA, for what would become a marathon dental weekend involving many of the Colton tigers now residing at the PAWS ARK 2000 sanctuary.


By Sunday afternoon, 19 root canals and one oral surgery had been performed by this generous group of doctors from California, Colorado, Washington, Nevada and Louisiana, who donated their time, talents and the use of special equipment to make this weekend possible.


The Peter Emily International Veterinary Dental Foundation "Veterinary Dentists Without Borders" program provides veterinary dental services to captive animal facilities and animal sanctuaries that are understaffed and/or under funded from a veterinary perspective. PEIVDF operations are conducted at no cost to the receiving nonprofit.


PEIVDF provides AVDC-certified veterinary dentists with experience working on the types of cases for which assistance is requested. If suitable, PEIVDF may bring veterinarians working toward their AVDC specialty certification, and/or veterinary technicians and/or DDSs interested in studying veterinary dentistry.


The dental weekend, coordinated by Dr. Dan Famini, one of PAWS' veterinarians, involved the eight PEIVDF doctors, numerous veterinary technicians, PAWS' ARK 2000 sanctuary manager Brian Busta, and ARK 2000 staff.


A special thank you to the VCA Animal Care Center in Rohnert Park, CA, for supplying the technician staff and anesthesia monitoring equipment for the PAWS ARK 2000 tiger dental weekend.


Our sincere thanks to everyone involved, for their kindness, compassion and generosity. Special thanks to Dr. Nick Farcas, from VCA Sacramento Veterinary Referral Center, for contacting PEIVDF on behalf of PAWS and making this weekend possible.


Thank you PEIVDF specialists:

Peter Emily, DDS, Hon. AVDC

Ed Eisner, DVM, DAVDC

Steven Holmstrom, DVM, DAVDC

Milinda Lommer, DVM, DAVDC

Greg Dupont, DVM, DAVDC

Curt Ritchie, DVM

Brian Hewitt, DVM

Nick Farcas, DVM

Stacey Neubert, Technician


To view a video of the 

tiger's dental weekend at ARK 2000 click here.


To view a slideshow of the

 tigers's dental weekend at ARK 2000

click here.


For more information about the

Peter Emily International Veterinary Dental Foundation

click here.


To learn more about Dr. Peter Emily, click here.






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