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Wednesday night, November 4th, a 29 year old African elephant, Kamba, escaped from the Family Fun Circus in Enid, Oklahoma and was struck by an SUV travelling on US 81 about
80 miles north of Oklahoma City.
Kamba and her companion, African elephant Congo, are usually trained and exhibited by Doug Terranova, a circus trainer with a long history of complaints and violations of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA).
Last year, both elephants were spooked during a tornado in Kansas, escaping their enclosure at the fairgrounds, and rampaged through resident's backyards until local firefighters and a veterinarian blocked their path and tranquilized them.
PAWS has tracked these two elephants who appear and disappear all across the midwest and into California for the past ten years. They are frightened victims of the circus industry who are at the mercy of animal handlers who are constantly in violation of the AWA.
Please write to USDA and demand that both elephants be removed from the custody of Doug Terranova and placed in a safe environment.
Mr. Kevin Shea
Deputy Adminstrator
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Animal and Plant Inspection Service
Room 312-E, Whitten Building
1400 Independence Avenue, S.W.
Washington, DC  20250

Join our campaign to free elephants like Kamba and Congo from the circus. Click Here.
Pat Derby

An elephant that escaped from the Family Fun Circus at the Garfield County Fairgrounds after being spooked caused a vehicle accident Wednesday night, Nov. 4, 2009 as it ran along North the U.S. 81 bypass in Enid, Okla. According to Enid Police Department Sgt. Billy Varney, the couple in the vehicle were not injured. The elephant suffered a broken tusk, a hurt leg and bumps, bruises and scratches, he said.





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