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Five years ago on April 1, 2005, Lulu arrived to a new home and a very different life at ARK 2000. She flew out of the transport crate flinging feces at everyone in range, smashing into the walls of her stall and charging angrily at anyone who came near. She was afraid of 71 & Mara, her two new African elephant companions, and pelted them with feces and branches when they turned their backs.
Today, Lulu is an integral part of the African group and a calmer, gentler elephant with humans. She is Ruby's stall mate and best friend in the barn, and the subordinate elephant in the group when they are in the habitat, staying with Maggie and Ruby when Mara leads them over the hill and into the trees.
Lulu is probably the most neurotic elephant we have ever encountered and her gradual introduction and socialization has been a long, carefully planned program directed by Pat Derby, her human friend. Pat has, admittedly, spoiled and protected Lulu through her many traumatic encounters with new companions and new surroundings. In Pat's words: "Lulu has issues". 
We are delighted to report that Lulu is now a well-adjusted member of the African group, beloved by all her human and elephant friends.
On April 2nd, 2007, Nicholas, a 13 year old Asian bull elephant, and his female companion, Gypsy, age 39, were unloaded from their transport truck into the quarantine facility at the PAWS sanctuary in Galt, CA. The two elephants remained in quarantine at the Galt facility under the care of Brian Busta, our senior elephant keeper, assisted by Margaret Whittaker and Gail Laule of Active Environments.
After a year in quarantine, Nicholas and Gypsy were moved to a new barn and habitat at ARK 2000.
When Nicholas experienced his first musth and was too dangerous to continue to live with Gypsy, his foster mother who taught him how to be an elephant, she was moved to the Asian barn at ARK to live with the other female Asians, Annie, Rebecca and Wanda.
The other elephants readily accepted Gypsy, but her meeting with Wanda was exceptional and very touching. The two had traveled together in a circus many years ago, and their reunion was a joyful tribute to the love and devotion of elephant companions.
Today, Gypsy and Wanda are inseparable, sharing the Asian barn and habitat with Annie and Rebecca, who join them in the elaborate ritual of greeting whenever the group separates and reforms.
Nicholas is enjoying his habitat, which overlooks the females, and his freedom from the constant monitoring of Gypsy. He spends his days pushing logs into the pool, grazing and playing in the water.


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