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February 19, 2008

After two very successful days out with 71, Mara, Lulu and Ruby, Maggie's daily routine will include at least two hours in the habitat with the others as we closely monitor the activity. We will gradually increase the amount of time together until Maggie is spending all her time in the big habitat with her elephant friends, and there is no necessity for further monitoring.

Maggie (left) socializes with 71 (middle) and Ruby (right) while Mara and Lulu are in the background.

Such close scrutiny may appear unnecessary, but we prefer to err on the side of caution. 71 and her gang can be boisterous, and we do not want Maggie to become anxious when she is out with them. Distraction will divert rough play and prevent overly playful incidents until Maggie is secure within the group. So far, she exudes self confidence whenever she is out with them.


Maggie (left) socializes with 71 (middle) and Mara, Ruby and Lulu.

                                  NICOLAS AND GYPSY'S NEW BARN IS UNDERWAY

The bull dozers are leveling the area for Nicholas and Gypsy's new barn at ARK 2000. The barn itself is due to arrive within a month, and construction should be complete within four or five months. We are hoping to move the doting pair before the end of the year!

After long years of confinement, the two will have trees, grass and a pond to enjoy for the rest of their lives. Their barn and habitat will be contiguous to the Asian habitat so they can socialize with Minnie, Rebecca, Annie, Winky and Wanda if they choose to make new friends.

Because of Nic's increasing stature, the move to ARK will require careful planning to accommodate his ten foot height and 10,000 lb. weight, and the elephant staff is researching suitable transportation for the pair.

It will be an exciting moment when they finally arrive at their new home and final destination.

To help support the Nic and Gypsy move-- click here.


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