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April 10, 2008

Maggie is now a strong, very vocal member of 71’s eclectic group of displaced, dysfunctional, delightful and quite devoted elephants. She has a place in their serious daily ritual which is more like a comedy routine except for 71’s grave determination that all participants obey the rules of elephant behavior, and I strain to disguise my amusement as they spin, bow, heads up, heads down, tusking the ground, bellowing, trumpeting and charging at turkeys, blackbirds or a tree which stands in their path.

They are frequently up the hill and out of sight from the African elephant barn, but quite visible from our house which sits on a hill above all the barns. From that vista, they look like little clay elephant figures as they move over the hill and into the brush. Independent Maggie moves far up the mountain and often surprises visitors by appearing on the path above the barn, ambling noisily through the brush, eating continually and roaring for the others when she feels neglected.

The photographs, which we have taken, cannot truly reflect the freedom and independence that Maggie displays as she confidently struts across the hill, rumbling and roaring her pleasure as her loyal friends graze nearby.

Maggie takes a walk with the clouds at ARK 2000.


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