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PAWS mourns the loss of our beloved tiger, Mata Hari

October 8, 2008

On July 31, 2004, Mata Hari arrived at ARK 2000 in the second group of tigers to be moved from Colton. She appeared to be one of the older tigers with torn ears and facial scars, probably from fighting during breeding.

Mata Hari loved the big habitat and was a favorite with the keepers and her veterinarians who treated her for arthritis and, recently, kidney problems. Her health began to decline last week and she was given a thorough examination by veterinarians on Sunday, October 5th. Blood results confirmed kidney failure, and a program of treatment was prescribed.

On Wednesday morning, October 8th, Mata Hari's condition worsened. Her keepers, veterinarian and PAWS' directors were with her when she died.

Mata Hari had four peaceful years lying in the sun, chasing her companions up the hill, scratching on tree trunks and playing in her pool. It was the best that we could do for her.

Please remember her and all the Colton tigers by speaking out against captive breeding and private ownership of tigers, and the use of tigers in entertainment.




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