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Happy Fifteenth Birthday Nicholas!

Born in captivity on December 15, 1993 at the Hawthorn Corporation, Nicholas, son of Tunga and Ronnie, is the only elephant at PAWS with a definitive birthday. Most captive elephants were captured as babies and their dates of birth remain a matter of conjecture.

Nicholas celebrates his birthday at ARK 2000 with his companion Gypsy and his favorite human pal, Brian Busta. Extra treats and a special bran birthday cake will be served and shared with the other elephants, but construction of the bull fencing around bull mountain which begins Wednesday will ultimately be his favorite birthday gift.

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to Nicholas & Gypsy’s Fund and to PG&E for their help with construction.

We are still short of our goal to fence 5,000 feet around the mountain.
To donate to the Bull Mountain Fencing Fund : CLICK HERE!





To learn more about Ned and other bull elephants, or to donate to PAWS' “Save The Bulls” campaign, please click here.

Pat Derby talks about the latest captive wildlife news at PAWS.

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Boo Boo was born at a breeder facility and sold as a pet. He was taken from his
mother at approximately two weeks old. This is a very young age considering
the baby in the wild will stay with the mother for at least four months. The owners locked a chain around his neck, then lost the key. The owners could not afford a vet to remove the chain. As Boo Boo matured, the chain grew into his neck 1 1/2 inches. Learn More»

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