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May 21, 2008

Nicholas & Gypsy’s 8,000 square foot barn, located on a grassy hill above the Asian habitat at ARK 2000, is rapidly becoming a reality just one year after the two circus elephants arrived in Galt.

With construction on the barn proceeding on schedule, plans are formulating to bring the 14 year old bull elephant and his companion, Gypsy, to their new home at ARK 2000 by the end of 2008.

When Bob Barker visited his elephant “beauties”, Pat Derby and Ed Stewart, PAWS’ directors, presented Bob with a plaque dedicating the Bob Barker Bull Elephant Barn to their generous supporter.

The next day, Bob and his friends visited Nicholas & Gypsy in Galt. The two elephants were enjoying a long, cool bath and a mud wallow when the group arrived on one of the hottest days this year. Everyone was amazed at the devotion between the two elephants and the size of the young bull who, at fourteen, is already 10 feet tall.

Later, Brian Busta and Margaret Whittaker demonstrated a positive reinforcement training session designed to create a fun experience for the elephants when necessary veterinary treatments are administered. Bob fed Nicholas his favorite treats during the demonstration.


(Photos L to R) Pat Derby and Bob Barker dedicate the barn for Nicholas.
Pat Derby, Bob Barker and Ed Stewart oversee the barn's construction.
Margaret Whittaker with Nicholas as Bob Barker and Ed watch.
Bob Feeds Nicholas treats.

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