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Queenie is Saved--She Has a Tire & a Tree Stump!

Steve McCusker, a self-proclaimed expert on elephants, recently stated that Queenie is in a better place than a sanctuary. "We just know more about elephants than they do", he said in a recent interview.

To view recent video of Lucky at San Antonio Zoo CLICK HERE

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With colossal arrogance, McCusker dismisses Joyce Poole, one of the world's foremost scientists studying elephant behavior in the wild, as an animal rights "extremist". Her research, based on many years observing wild elephants, concludes that elephants need space to range and forage, a complex social environment consisting of more than one other elephant and an enriched habitat much larger than one-half an acre.

McCusker is positive that Lucky and Queenie will be "happier" at San Antonio Zoo than in a sanctuary because they have tree trunks, tractor tires and two veterinarians who provide necessary care for them as well as 3498 other animals. His supercilious disdain for improvements to his antiquated 20,000 square foot elephant exhibit is a strong argument for change in the administration at that zoo whose stated mission is
"to foster appreciation and concern for all living things".

Queenie and Lucky deserve more than tree stumps and tires. Both are old for captive elephants with little hope for the future. We urge all animal rights "extremists" to demand a suitable retirement for them.

Write to the Mayor of San Antonio and the City Council urging them to release both elephants to the PAWS sanctuary. McCusker is building an exhibit for African elephants and has no interest in improving the Asian elephant exhibit; he should not be allowed to hold Queenie and Lucky hostage.

The City of San Antonio is an historic tourist destination evoking images of flower-strewn
promenades and river walks. The plight of Lucky and Queenie is a blight on the portrait of this beautiful city.

Write to the Mayor of San Antonio:

P.O. Box 839966
San Antonio, TX 78283
P.O. Box 839966
San Antonio, TX 78283

Email the mayor:


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