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Las Vegas Showgirls Join Shrine Circus Protest

When the Shrine Circus performed on September 17th in Las Vegas, two beautiful showgirls joined in the protest against the use and abuse of live animals in the Shrine Circus presentations.

For many years, the Shriner's have ignored our polite pleas to substitute human acts for live animals in their shows. The animal acts which they lease are owned by some of the most notorious animal exploiters and abusers. The two elephants, Tina & Jewel, recently seized by USDA were performing with a Shrine Circus just weeks before they were confiscated for violations of the Animal Welfare Act.

They are featuring Bo, a young bull elephant who is half brother to Ned, the circus elephant who was confiscated by USDA and died last year at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee (see Bull Elephants in Peril). Bo, like Ned, Benny, Luke and Mickey was captive-born, sired by Vance, a breeding bull from the circus. All of these young bulls were taken from their mothers before they were a year old and performing when they should still have been nursing.
Please join us in protesting this disgraceful exploitation of an endangered species.


Join us in our campaign to end the use of live animals in the Shrine Circus presentations,
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Shriners International Headquarters
2900 Rocky Point Dr. Tampa, FL 33607 – 1460




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