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Summer 2007 - Wanda and Winky Grazing at ARK 2000

On the second anniversary of their trip to ARK 2000, Winky & Wanda are indulging their favorite spring pastime, grazing on the tender grass that follows the California rainy Season. Wanda is always impatient after her foot soaks, anxious to climb her favorite hill and graze her way back, while Winky hangs around the barn until all the treats have disappeared, then heads out to the tall grass for some very serious grazing. Recently, the two have dominated the images on our web cam since Minnie, Rebecca and Annie usually move into the trees and nap in the middle of the day. Wanda, the consummate “social butterfly”, wanders around munching with Annie or gossiping with Rebecca and Minnie, but Winky prefers solitary snacking always staying in close proximity to Wanda. After two years at ARK 2000, the two Detroit ladies have developed their own routines and have successfully “trained” their keepers to provide treats and activities whenever necessary, but spring is their favorite time. Wanda chirps and barks at the end of the day, telling all her friends about her adventures, and Winky silently stands beside her pulling up the last morsels of grass before entering the barn for a good dust bath.

Wanda and Winky Grazing...

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