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In April 2003, California Fish & Game wardens found 54 tigers and other animals living in deplorable conditions at a private facility in Colton, CA. As the wardens moved through a nauseating mess of feces and rotting animal carcasses, they discovered a freezer with the frozen bodies of 58 tiger cubs, a trailer full of tiger hides and 11 infant tigers and leopards in the attic, weak and dying from hunger and dehydration.

In June 2004, the first of 39 tigers rescued from this horrendous situation were loaded into transport vehicles and moved to a spacious 10 acre habitat at PAWS ARK 2000 sanctuary.In February 2005, the last group of tigers arrived at their new home in San Andreas, CA. After years of neglect and abuse, the tigers were released into a spacious area of trees, grass and natural habitat where they will spend the rest of their lives in peace and dignity.

Due to graphic content in this video, viewer discretion advised.

Please click here to meet the PAWS tigers.

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Pat Derby talks about the latest captive wildlife news at PAWS.

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Gracie is an eight-year-old tiger who was seized from horrendous conditions during a raid by law enforcement agencies. She had been declawed and was in very poor health. Learn More»


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