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Ed Stewart and I were invited by management and staff at San Diego Zoo to see Tina & Jewell. We extended a trip to Los Angeles on October 19th and went to San Diego on the 20th.
We were both very pleased to see how the two elephants who have lived on chains, dodging bull hooks and scrounging for food, responded to the keepers and other staff at the zoo.
When we arrived, both elephants were out in the small yard in the quarantine area. As soon as we entered, Tina moved inside, eagerly accepting treats and words of praise as the keepers inspected her feet and moved her through a short training session. Tina is very much like our Gypsy, animated and excited at the prospect of interaction with the keepers.
Jewell came in after Tina; she had stopped to scoop up the last remnants of her morning meal. She is still very thin although she has gained 800 pounds since she arrived. Her appetite is quite good, so she should gain more weight after surgery on her teeth which are causing most of her problems. She also has a significant abcess on one of her feet which is under treatment. She is a sweet, affectionate elephant, and I noticed one of the female keepers rubbing her trunk and talking to her. Both elephants were very responsive and relaxed with the keepers who fed them treats and positioned them using positive reinforcement.
We were pleased and relieved to see the two elephants who had suffered for so many years in a place where they could move about freely with keepers who do not use bull hooks or dominance in their daily care.
Jewell's condition is still critical, but she is improving daily. The two elephants will be in quarantine for some time until her health issues are resolved, but they are obviously enjoying their new home and new friends.
Thank you to Bob Wiese, Jeff Andrews, Carmine Penny and all the management and staff at San Diego Zoo for their commitment to the two elephants.

Pat Derby



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