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January  2007

For Immediate Release

Cindy to snooze' right through Super Bowl... while other bears rootin' for lots of touchdowns for Da' Bears

(Galt, CA) Far from this year's Super Bowl frenzy, in a small northern California town named Galt, Cindy, a rescued black bear living at the at the PAWS wildlife sanctuary, will be sleeping during Sunday's big game - she is hibernating this week. But while Cindy slumbers, the other bears of PAWS -- Manfried, Jack, Boo-Boo, Winston, Sampson, Cinnamon, Oma, and Arthur will be cheering on their favorite team - da' Bears. Their super bowl party grub won't be the routine Nachos, Dips, and Beer, but rather some yummy salmon, grapes, carrots, apples, and savory evergreen branches - they'll wash it all down with a delightful honey and orange juice beverage.

Two thousand miles from the quiet of this unique bear party in Galt, a noted Chicago sports bar and grill, Bobby G's, will be hosting a big charity drive for PAWS' rescued bears during the game. Hopes are high for their special "goal-post" too - they want to raise enough funds from festive Super Bowl fans to help PAWS build a spacious new bear habitat at their new 2,300 acre refuge in the California foothills.

Sports fans, bear lovers and PAWS friends alike -- stay tuned for results from the big game!

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