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February 20, 2007

For Immediate Release

First Bull Elephant To Live At A Sanctuary
Nicholas & Gypsy will make PAWS their new home

(Galt, CA) - History will be made in late March when the first captive bull elephant makes his long trek to an animal protection sanctuary in Northern California.

After long sessions of negotiations between PAWS Directors and representatives from the Hawthorn Corporation, the future for Nicholas was decided. The Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) has agreed to give Nicholas, an adolescent Asian elephant, a new home.

Nicholas and his female companion, Gypsy, are the two remaining elephants at the Hawthorn Corporation in Illinois, many of whose other female elephants have been placed in an elephant sanctuary in Tennessee.

An agreement between the Hawthorn Corporation and PAWS will allow the two elephants to retire to a permanent home at the spacious ARK2000 sanctuary in San Andreas, CA. Beyond donating the elephants, the Hawthorn Corporation is also making a generous financial donation to PAWS in order to fund initial arrangements for PAWS to receive the elephants. Upon approval by regulatory agencies, the two elephants will be transported to Galt, CA. to be housed at the old PAWS elephant facility until a Bull Elephant Habitat can be constructed at ARK2000. The Hawthorn Corporation and PAWS are each delighted and excited that their cooperation will enable Nicholas and Gypsy now to find a lasting home together.

Ed Stewart and Pat Derby, PAWS Directors, are initiating a capital campaign for the costly construction.

Derby states that "In order for PAWS to be able to take Nicholas, we are launching a fullscale capital campaign to raise the funds necessary to build a home for Nicholas at ARK2000." Stewart projects the costs to be one million dollars and construction will take at least one year.

"PAWS needs corporate and business financial partners, sponsors and individual supporters right now!" Stewart exclaimed. "Construction supplies such as pipe, barn materials and volunteer workers are really needed too." Stewart goes on to say.

PAWS currently houses five Asian and three African elephants in a hundred acre plus natural habitat of trees, grass and lakes on its 2,300 acre sanctuary site - ARK2000 - in Calaveras County, CA.

If they arrive on schedule, the public will have its first opportunity to meet Nicholas and Gypsy at PAWS Annual Easter Brunch on April 8,2007. For tickets or information, please call (209) 745-2606 or info@pawsweb.org

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