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June 11, 2010

Sheba to Join Bolivian Pride

After the successful relocation of the four circus lions from Bolivia two weeks ago (see story, here), everyone at PAWS is eager to send Sheba to join Camba, Daktari, Bambek and Simba.

Preparations began this week for Sheba's short trip from our Galt sanctuary to San Andreas, a move that will allow the lone lionness, rescued from a crackhouse in Detroit, to spend her remaining years with other lions.

Medical issues have prevented any socialization of Sheba with our two other lions, Denny and Pfeiffer, so the rescue of the four lions in Bolivia has become a wonderful opportunity to house Sheba with other lions.

Because Sheba and Camba, the female from the Bolivia pride, are both declawed, it is possible they may ultimately share the same habitat. They will be separated by a common fence during the socialization process, and we hope the two will become best friends. Whatever the outcome, Sheba will soon share the spacious Bob Barker-funded lion habitat at ARK 2000, and, after the Bolivia lions are neutered, they may all live together in one big pride.

Sheba. . . come on down!


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