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August 1, 2006

For Immediate Release

As Temperatures Sizzle, PAWS Animals Stay Cool

(Galt, CA) Elephants, tigers, bears, lions and primates are doing well in the record heat because of the constant care provided by their keepers.

At PAWS three sanctuaries, tigers and bears sp1ash in swimming pools or big water troughs filled with cool water, monkeys dash in and out of the spray from overhead sprinklers and elephants stay by the lake throwing mud or submerging in the water under the watchful eyes of more than a dozen overheated and perspiring caregivers during the relentless heat of another record breaking weather day.

"We spend our days and nights keeping the animals cool and comfortable during this incredible heal I can't say enough about the dedication and love displayed by our staff: Pat Derby, PAWS' director, stated today."

They don't make a lot of money and the work is always hard, but these are committed individuals who care more about the animals than their own comfort. We are so proud of them and so grateful to have their help and support."

Unlike most animal facilities, PAWS maintains round-the-clock keeping staff to monitor the animals at the sanctuaries constantly, and to ensure their comfort and safety at all times.

"Too many unexpected problems can occur during the night: caring far animals is not a 9 - 5 job" Pat explains to potential caregivers. "The perks are knowing the animals are safe and comfortable at all times. During a heat wave like this, we really appreciate the dedication of everyone who stays with us to keep the animals cool despite their own discomfort."

PAWS directors & Founders-Pat Derby and Ed Stewart work directly with the animals and oversee a staff of seventeen animal supervisors and caregivers.

The Performing Animal Welfare Society was founded in 1984 and is recognized internationally for its' leadership in the protection of captive wildlife. Operating three captive wildlife refuges, PAWS provides peaceful sanctuary for abused and abandoned animals while promoting national and international programs designed to gain permanent protection for all captive wildlife.

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