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Wildlife Classroom to the World

ARK 2000's master plan includes a Visitor’s Center that we hope one day will include an art gallery, gift shop, and a “Wildlife Classroom to the World” education building. At the visitor’s center guests will learn about the important captive wildlife and environmental conservation issues that are an important adjunct to the sanctuary project and PAWS mission and vision for the future. 
Various webcams located in the animal habitats will be utilized to transmit wildlife conservation and educational programs, informative lectures and other discussions to schools, colleges and universities. We anticipate the Visitor’s Center to be a place that will not only facilitate learning about captive wildlife and environmental conservation; it will serve as an engaging place to enjoy art, music, and of course a peaceful refuge for the animals.

The architecture at the Visitor’s Center is designed and organized to blend with the surrounding farms, homesteads and small towns. Buildings will be constructed of logs, tin siding and local building materials simulating the scale and form of the gold rush era and the architecture of the old towns. Three buildings replicating a small settlement will be the focal point of the Visitor’s Center. 

Studio classrooms will be constructed with remote controlled web cams and monitors. A control room with satellite communications equipment will be installed. The Education Center will have equipment for recording animal activities throughout the ARK 2000 sanctuary. Outdoor web cams will be installed at appropriate locations in the animal enclosures and barns and connected to the Education Center’s monitors for visitor viewing and satellite broadcasting. At certain times and locations, visitors will be able to watch monitors and interactively speak directly with PAWS animal keepers as they bathe, feed and care for the animals. The sanctuary is currently electronically connected to the PAWS computer Internet website as real-time “animal-cams.” Anyone accessing the PAWS website can observe the on-going activities of the animals at the Sanctuary.

Programs related to animal care and welfare will be produced in the studio classrooms and will be broadcast live or recorded for later viewing. Programs will include world-recognized experts discussing animal related issues, local habitat education, and water conservation. Visitors are welcome to attend any of the studio classroom presentations. Ongoing pre-recorded video programs featuring animals and their habitat will be played continuously on monitors for visitor’s viewing.


Project OneSong Program

PAWS currently offers a service learning program for the OneSong Program of Caring Strokes. This course was developed for at-risk youth consisting of foster children, wards of the state and children, who at no fault of their own, have found themselves in crippling environments and situations due to violence, drug abuse and the dangerous lure of gang related activity. OneSong Program teaches young people how to develop empathy and compassion for animals and others as an alternative to violence. This is accomplished by in-classroom music, art, creative writing and discussion and an outside the classroom, once in a lifetime, journey to the PAWS ARK 2000 sanctuary. 

At the PAWS ARK 2000 sanctuary, the children learn about loyalty, trust, respect and family values from the elephants.  Most importantly, by visiting the PAWS sanctuary, children learn that each individual has the power to make a positive difference for other creatures and they begin to understand the importance of creating awareness and understanding for wildlife that share our planet.

The experience benefits the children by boosting their self-esteem, their personal confidence and shows them a more productive and kinder lifestyle. It benefits the animals by educating our young people of the reality of captive wildlife and opens their minds to the concept of wildlife conservation and environmental preservation. These are key topics that children need to understand in order to make their own world a more positive place to live, grow and become positive contributors to our society.






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